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Painting By Numbers With Fibromyalgia - Jenny Spence

Posted by Nance Goulding on

Hi Jenny. Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I'm 62 yrs old. I'm a retired pharmacist who worked in a busy hospital. I love painting, knitting and reading. I have a little Jack Russell called Jack who sits patiently watching me paint!

Do you have a favourite artist or painting?
My favourite artist of all time is Michaelangelo. Everything is life like. I love him. I also love Bob Ross and love his work.

What made you choose to try a paint by numbers kit?
I decided to try painting by numbers as I used to paint Bob Ross pics but my hands were so sore. Recently though I haven't got to think too much what I'm doing if I'm doing painting by numbers. It has helped my hands and my concentration so much its brilliant!

How many kits have you painted and which is your favourite?
I'm on my 8th painting now and my favourite is the 2 lions (King and Queen Lion). I absolutely love it. I have had so many requests for that painting but I'm not parting with it. I have decided to sell my paintings and proceeds go to charity (McMillan nurses).

King And Queen Lion PaintedWhat do you love about paint by numbers?
I love painting by numbers as everything comes together. Brushes, paints and canvas. Even the little hooks to hang them. They have been my saving grace and have certainly helped my health!

What advice would you give to others considering a paint by numbers kit?
I have encouraged others with my complaint to have a go. A lady got in touch last week to ask what the website is, she said she's going to have a go.

Even someone who hasn't got anything wrong with them its soooo relaxing. I would recommend them to anyone.

You mentioned that you suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis. Do you think that paint by numbers helps you?It certainly helps me we get what we call "fibro fog".it's awful and I can just about remember my name but this has helped my concentration so much and kept my fingers working.

Sailing To Victory

Have you given any of your pictures as gifts? 
I have given 1 of the galleon (Sailing To Victory) to my brother. He loves it and it takes pride of place on his wall.

He didn't realise there was an artist in the family lol!

What is the shortest amount of time it has taken you to complete a painting and the longest? 
It generally takes me about 2 and a half weeks to do one. The one with house and flowers was a hard one. That took me 5 weeks, I was sweating with that one.

What are you looking forward to painting next?
Definitely my grandchildren. I just cant wait to do that. Excitement is an understatement! (we are creating a custom paint by numbers kit of her 6 beautiful grandchildren)