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Hummingbird by Joe Hautman - Ruby-throated hummingbirds are impressive birds. On average, they beat their wings 52 times per second. They can reach flight speeds of up to 63 mph to evade danger. They're also endurance flyers.

When it comes time for their annual winter migration, these birds will start beating their wings and they won't stop until they've covered some 1,300 miles. Not bad for a bird that weighs as much as three paperclips.

Now you can paint this wonderful painting with this amazing paint by numbers kit from our Animal Kingdom Collection.

Each Masterpiece By Numbers kit is produced with care and attention to produce a painting as close to the original artwork as possible. 

The peace and serenity of painting is time well spent in our hectic world. The joy of painting this expertly detailed canvas will only be matched by the beautiful painting you will create.

Includes Everything You Need To Complete Your Painting:

  • High quality linen canvas - you can start painting straight from the box.
  • Set of paintbrushes - custom made for our paint by numbers kits.
  • Individual paint pots - for every colour in the painting so you don't need to mix any colours.

Canvas Size: 40 x 50cm (16"x 20")

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© Joe Hautman. Courtesy Of MHS Licensing

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Quality Product

Have tried many vendors for paint by number and now have found my go to seller with Masterpiece. Quality paints and canvas with great shipping process as canvas not folded but shipped in a tube eliminating wrinkles in canvas. Only issue was needed more # 24 green paint but still no complaints. Make sure you try this vendor for paint by number


My sister gifted the Hummingbird PBN along with the 5pc paintbrush set to me. What a surprise! It was challenging. I love the subject matter and vivid colors. I needed to use all eight of the paintbrushes to complete the project properly. Since there wasn't enough of green paint #24, I had to modify the background somewhat.

My first painting

I think this was a great painting to do first. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience. I'm going to give it to my Dad for Christmas.


My hands can get shakey so while I was waiting for my custom kit to arrive I decided to order one of the other kits to see how well I could do them. There are so many great prints to choose from I was having a hard time making up my mind. My mother loved hummingbirds so when I saw that one it became my choice. When I first saw it I was worried about all the fine details. The painting came out fabulous and framed beautifully and I have received nothing but compliments on how it turned out. Even better most people didn't even realize it was a paint by number painting until I told them. WOW is an understatement for this kit. The paints are top quality and the brushes the perfect size. When I first started painting it was an obsession. However, after a couple days I was able to control my urge to paint, paint, paint and slowed myself down so I could get maximum enjoyment. As the painting progressed and more and more details became visible I was blown away by how great it looked. When I finished it I framed it then the question was were to hang it in my small apartment. My girlfriend came up with the answer to that. My dining area has a half wall that is all mirrored. The painting is now hanging on the hallway wall where it reflects in the mirrors. Now every time I walk into the living room, dining area, or kitchen I see it's reflection, smile and say "hi Mom" how do you like your hummingbird. I've started my custom kit, but because of the holidays it's going to take longer to do and if it comes out half as good as the hummingbird did I'll be ordering another custom kit to go with this one. This is the pic I posted on Facebook for everyone to see. Thank you Masterpiece by Numbers you are providing a quality product for those of us that love to paint but don't quite have the imagination or talent to do it.

P.S. I used the leftover paint to do some Christmas tree ornaments and then gave them and some unpainted ornaments to my neighbors 13 year old daughter. She grinned from ear to ear when she saw what I was giving her.

Excellent Product

Having bought several of your paintings for my 93 year old mother, she said this was her favorite to paint. Stated it has helped her pass the time in the age of Covid. Highly recommend all your paintings. Only optional things she needed to complete any of these paintings was a foam board with some push pins to stabilize the canvas as she painted and a magnifying glass to help with small details. Verified Reviews Badge
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