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Country Blessings
John Shelton
Difficult but worth it

Love painting this colorful scene. It was more difficult than some but the results were stunning. Look at it every day over the TV.

Standing Proud
Sharon Mockler
Forest Deer Standing Tall

I enjoyed painting this picture, my son and grandson love to hunt. So this is a gift to my grandson to enjoy.

Tender Moments
Amber Taylor
Loving it

Coming along slow do to my busy schedule but I’m loving it

At The Movies
Teresa Bradley
Amazing painting!

I really enjoyed painting this one. It kept me excited about it with the variety of colors and objects. Turned out great.

River Cottage
Debbie Dreyer
Fun piece

Still working on it, but lots of cheerful spring colors that cover nicely. I'm enjoying it.

Let Your Dreams Soar
Sylvia Fletcher
Love painting by numbers!!

This is the first time I've tried painting by numbers and I Love it.
It's very relaxing. And I love the finished product.

Snow Day
Paul Urquhart
Snow Day

Enjoyed doing this painting a little hard but challenging. Came out good.

Zela Urquhart

Over all a good painting and had a good time in painting it. The conversion from a photo was very good but some of the colors did not match. Did have two of the colors that the paint in the pots was sort of dried out when first opened but I was able to work with them.
Thanks for the good work on this painting.

So much fun

I am really enjoying this painting I'll post the end result when done. I'm on #7 but skipped a bit and im finishing #15 now.I've been painting consistently for a couple months it's going great. My one suggestion is to include more of the smallest size that comes with it. I've gone through a few already. They wear out. Thanks so much!

Country Life
Jill LaDuca
Pretty Landscaping

I enjoyed painting this picture. Lots of green grass. One recommendation is to order more paint. I needed more black; a lot more black so I had to use black from another painting I just received. Overall though, very nice when done.

Moonlight Sonata
Cheryl Sultan
Beautiful Painting

Another fun one to paint! Love to watch the painting evolve as I paint. Great results and excellent quality.

Dinner For Two
Cheryl Sultan
Looks Amazing

Love the quality of the canvas and paint. Trust the process, the painting will turn out like the picture if you paint according to the numbers! Love this company and the paintings!

Painting #21

This painting was very detailed with a lot of tiny cells. I would strongly suggest a magnifier for more precision. The upside of the detail is that the finished painting looks fantastic.


This painting was so much fun to do. One of my favorites. I only paint Masterpiece By Number their quality is the best.

Hidden Depths
Martin Sullivan
Fantastic painting to do…

Love the Anne Stokes paintings, they are always a real challenge and look spectacular when finished…….a great challenge and I would, without doubt, recommend this painting from Masterpiece By Numbers.

Haunted House
Wendy A
Difficult but fun

Very difficult for a first timer but so much fun!! May do some adjustments but it's hanging up now!

Villa Riviera
Edward Rapacz

Very nice

Snow Day
Claudette Taylor
Beautiful painting

I have just gotten started on this painting and have a ways to go but so far I am very pleased with the results. I find I do not have to thin the paint too often to get good coverage and usually one coat suffices.

Country Blessings
Jerrie Purcell
Country Bliss!

Beautiful fall country scene! Painted for my husband who once had 2 horses and this painting brought him joy of remembering! Gave it to him on his birthday! It's very detailed and bright colors. We live in Florida so this pick brings fall beauty to where it hangs. Takes patience to paint, yet worth it. Another quality canvas.

Standing Proud
Carla Vorbeck
Outstanding design!

Standing Proud is a challenging but satisfying kit. The design of the images is very well thought of, creating a very realistic landscape. The deer is extremely life-like with lovely heads and coat. I am surprised how the designers of the PBN use the same colors all around but produce a colorful and original painting... just with a limited amount of hues.

Love it! This was a very easy painting to do and it did not have as much detailed as some that I have done. I did not like the horse being done in greens so I switched it to grays.

Afternoon Drinks
David L Dunn
Good painting

I got sidetracked by another project, but I'm back to this.

Custom painting

I love them. So, far they look just like the picture I sent in. I will order more soon.

First experience with MBN was a good one!

Sunflowers was my first experience with MBN and I really enjoyed it! I will admit that at first I was overwhelmed looking at all those numbers on that canvas, but I just took it one number, one area at a time and it became a very relaxing activity for me. I approached it by doing the background first, then the table, then the vase, and finally the flowers. Saved the best for last that way! It's become a great part of my evening routine to listen to music and work on a paint by numbers as a way to wind down. I just started on my second one and am excited to see the results.

Love it

Years ago we came across a baby deer crying beside her mama who’d just been hit and killed. Knowing she wouldn’t survive we took her home to my brothers acreage. We would prepare her a bottle go outside and call Baby baby and she would come running for her milk. This is my first painting and it reminds me of that special time we had with her.