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Below you can read the latest reviews for our paint by numbers kit. All of these reviews are from verified customers of Masterpiece By Numbers.

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Customer for life

Happy with the fast shipment. Superior quality and excellent customer service. Love the cardboard tube it comes in so that I know it will be protected and no creases. I will not order from anyone else again.


wonderful company. made in US so arrived within the 3 day time period as promised. packed very well. no complaints at all. i also ordered from another company which ended up being shipped from China, took almost a month and not wrapped well at all

Battle on High Seas

Every thing arrived in good condition.
Have just started painting. It arrived
in the time frame promised. Thanks

Very nice canvas I can see the numbers. I love it! Will definitely buy more. Worth every penny.


I love it. !

Very relaxing!!

I started this on Monday, 4 days ago and I love it! It is my first one. I can’t wait to see how the finished product turns out!!


Purchased this painting a while ago because it reminds me of a beach my wife and i have visited on a few occasions , I don’t know why I waited so long to painting it I’ve only just got round to it and it looks absolutely fantastic Nextep is to buy a decent frame for it so I can go on the wall I will be ordering more Paintings for me to do in the near future . First class product and first class service

Dogs - custom painting

Posting on behalf of my 11 year old grandson. Thomas said he wanted to do a painting of my 2 dogs so I ordered him this for his 11th birthday. He had so much joy painting it and I will get joy for years to come as he said I can have it back to display in my house. (I think I’ve had a good deal 😀) after he has proudly shown it off to all his school friends. Anyway this will be Thomas’s 5th painting as he is also working on another custom painting of his own dog Alfie. I’m sure his mom will leave a review when it is complete. Thank you so much for introducing us both to what has turned into a great hobby and pastime for us both as I am currently working on my 3rd painting


Very impressed with how my painting turned out, the canvas and the paints are quality products. Already looking for my next project, thank you.

Paint By Numbers Kit - Blue Eyed Tiger
Wow factor!

Beautiful tiger with such a penetrating gaze. A real pleasure to work on with subtle changes of shade bringing the painting to life. Very rewarding and instructive , hours of enjoyable and productive effort.
Maybe ,one day, I will attempt free hand having gained confidence from pieces such as this!

I absolutely love the custom painting you did for me of my daughter's Siberian husky, Roxy. It turned out better than I could even have imagined and is immediately recognizable as Roxy. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future....whenever I can get my cocker spaniels to both look at the camera at the same time! Thank you!
I apologize for my lack of editing and photography skills. The painting is much better than the photo of it. Below the original photo and the painting. Only took me three days to paint because I enjoyed it so much.


Your work was perfect -- thank you so much!

Lexi the jackerdale

Absolutely in love with it 😊😊 looks perfect. Got my next one lined up ready. If only I had enough money to buy one every week 😂😂😂 can't wait for the next project x

Paint By Numbers Kit - Beach Huts
Beach hutst

Pictures to go with review.

Iconic Lancaster Bomber

Dear All at Masterpiece,
As always, the canvas etc arrived perfectly packed. When I have completed my pictures I use the cylinders they come in to send the completed article to the family members who live in Somerset and are usually the recipients who are delighted to have them. I have become really popular with them all, especially grandson, Aaron, who loved the Spitfire and is looking forward to having the Lancaster too.
Thank you again,
Yours sincerely,


My daughter got me this painting for Christmas, it’s one of my favourite pictures of my grandchildren, it was a pleasure to paint and quite emotional at some points. Can’t wait to do the next one.

Love it!

I was so excited to receive this and I was not disappointed. I was very impressed with the work that must go into creating these especially as my photo was very detailed and I was worried if ir would work. The fact it was a on a good quality canvas too made it even better.. I'll be sure to send you the result when its finished and I will definitely be purchasing another in the future


I brought this painting for my dad for Christmas he loves it. It's a picture of his grandchildren he is very pleased and happy with the painting he enjoyed every second. Thank you

Paint By Numbers Kit - Sailing To Victory
The big ship

I really enjoyed doing the
painting .found it extremely challenging .The finer detail is very
sore on the eyes .I have had to add my own touches at various points.
Had to use my own paint as the suplied amount was not sufficient
but overall I like what I have achieved.

Good product - spitfire painting.

Bought this for our 8 year old, was worried it would be too complicated but it's perfect for adults and children, very professional looking product and great follow up e-mails as after care service. Will buy a different one to do myself. Delivery takes a little while but not too long really.

Paint By Numbers Kit - Woman Of The Earth

Looks fun haven’t completed yet

Paint By Numbers Kit - Sleepy Cat
sleepy. cat

good ginger. cat.,, and. cute mice, quite detailed in places, took a bit longer than. my. previous.

painting,, but well worth. the. finished. effort.

Paint By Numbers Kit - Blue Eyed Tiger
Tiger face

Looks terrific so realistic


Very easy to use, in the kit you have all you need and the results are amazing

Paint By Numbers Kit - Spirit Of The Wolf
Amazing !

I am thrilled and amazed by this painting. I would buy from you again.