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Leo & Luna

I really enjoyed doing this painting for a friend. I liked how detailed MBN made it.

Waterside Cafe
Marianne Arthurs
You get what you for.

I loved doing this one. The canvas is a good quality which makes the paint glide and stick to it very well. The paints have a good amount of pigment and the colours are true to the real scene. It is very relaxing and forgiving. Don't be afraid that you can't do it. If you go outside the lines just keep going and blend it in with the colour beside it. I guarantee you love it. And remember, you get what you pay for. There are cheaper companies out there but believe me when I say , bad choice. masterpiece by number is the best one out there.

Log Cabin
Bob Krasny age 88
Log Cabin

I enjoyed painting Log Cabin and pleased with the result. The colors all blend well and I was able to manage the few challenging places. I am always pleased with MBN. The quality of the materials and service quite high

A Night To Remember
No purples and very dark

I have done of the masterpiece btn Kits and have never been disappointed. This kit was the first time. There were no purples at all. It was very dark and just meh. Many of the paints that should have been purplish were also very thick and hard to paint. VERY THICK! Kinda bummed but is what it is.

Custom Paint By Numbers Kit
Mr richard rogers

I recently finished painting a a pet dog for one of my work colleagues. The picture was loved by all. The kits are marvellous and worth every penny. The canvas is top quality and you get enough paint to finish your masterpiece. I am waiting for my next kit


This is TWINS, not yet finishedx
Brenda Burnsxx

Cynthia Skaar

Loved doing this one

Loved this

This creative outlet is just what I needed in my life. It’s my first painting and quite rough but I’m proud of it!

King and Queen of the jungle

This was my 8th painting from Masterpiece and it didn't fail. I loved doing this painting. My last couple paintings have had the super small size cells, I didn't have that this painting, it was a nice change of pace. I would recommend this painting for anyone no matter their age or experience. And I love how it turned out.

Very detailed !

I love the painting. I just don’t care for some of the colors used in the flowers. Very small cells so wouldn’t pick this one for a first time paint by number

A beautiful reminder of the quaint canals

Beautiful picture to paint. Great quality of paint. I customize a few areas. Ready to be framed.

A fond memory

I’m delighted with this painting as it is a painting of my father in law who has gone on to his forever home. It brought back so many good memories of him!

Staff Meeting
Sunset on the Baltic
Enjoying the West

I have purchased close to 30 pictures from this company including custom pictures. I believe the paint quality has improved since I started. These pictures got me through 16 days in the hospital with Covid. The picture I completed in the hospital was donated to them and they hung it in their lobby.
The company is second to none in communication and shipping.
I usually post the finished pictures on Facebook because I am proud of the way they turn out. This last picture was actually requested by an acquaintance to hang on their wall.
I highly recommend this company and you will find an easy hobby that you will enjoy.

Majestic Tiger
Claire F
Rawr! Five stars!!

Loved doing this one (and so did my dog!)

Standing Proud
Sue Wardleworth
Thank you

Now framed and hanging on my wall. It took a while but really pleased with the result. The lady who framed it thought it was excellent good quality canvas and paints Thanks

Harbor Garden
Ray Fortier
Beautiful Scene

This one is my 21st MBN painting. It is a beautiful scene and not real difficult compared to some others I've done. it's such a relaxing hobby. I'm always listening to some good music while I paint and that makes the time really enjoyable. I've found all of the MBN products to be high quality and a lot of fun to complete.

Custom painting

Received my MBN painting and wa very satisfied with the result.

Book Shop
Cindy Morey
Antique shop

I loved this one. Vwey Easy to do

The Scout
Jackie Johnson
The Scout

Just finished this painting, I think it looks great 😊 it’s not my favorite but it fits in with my other paintings.

Horse Racing…

I started this painting 2yrs ago, life got in the way, but it’s finally finished, I really like it, but the colours never seem to be as vibrant as the originals. I’ve done quite a few and they’re always enjoyable.

Camille e bowers
Fun to do and addictive too

I have enjoyed working on my first Masterpiece paint by numbers. I have found that I need to paint the spaces more than once for it to look good. I haven’t finished it yet, but it is almost done. I need to figure out how to get it framed at an economical cost.

Custom Painting - Awesome Detail

This is my first custom painting from Masterpiece by Numbers and I absolutely loved painting it! I submitted a picture of Bear swimming in a lake to your amazing creators and what came back to me was this incredibly detailed canvas. It was a lot of fun painting this in my down time. Thank you so much!

A night to remember

Although the person for whom I painted this loves it, I was a little disappointed at the final result. It is a little dark and missing those wisps of bright purples, pinks and yellows as seen on the original. I grew up watching the northern lights and for me this misses the mark.

French Country Cafe
Cornelia Jeffery
French cafe

Loved doing this! It took some time but the results were stunning. I'm very happy with this.

Marsh Masters
Janet bailey
13th MBN

This is my 13th painting. In my country 13 is an unlucky number but not with this painting. It was a pleasure from start to finish I absolutely love the faces of the 3 dogs they are so life like well done MBN now on to my 14th