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Challenging but worth the effort!

My first Masterpiece By Numbers painting and really enjoyed the challenge. I’ve done other paint by numbers and was looking for a company that sells advanced pictures with quality materials and think I’ve found it in you, so thank you!
Shipped from the US to UK with no issues.

It's a learning process....

Overall I am pleased with how my grand children turned out. The paint was very good quality as was the canvass. I struggled a little with the shading on the faces.
I have ordered and received several new canvasses which I am looking forward to commencing.
Thank you Masterpiece!

Evening Breeze
Julie Roberts
Wonderful Design

Great colors, matching pretty close. I did have to retouch the lighter colors. My 2nd painting with MPN.

Seaside Sanctuary
Debbie Dreyer
Good project

It's not finished, but I'm enjoying it so far.

My custom painting

This is my second custom painting from MBN. I am very excited about this one because it’s of a rail line from where I grew up. This rail line doesn’t exist anymore. Also this is the 4th train painting that I’ve done. Very relaxing. Thank you MBN.


There are no words to describe the emotionst from my friends when they opened their special anniversary gift of your painting. The picture was that of my two friends sitting next to their dog who they recently put down. Tears came to their eyes. Nice job Masterpiece"

Coming Home
Laura Garcia
Coming Home

This is my first MBN and I’m hard at work on it! I’m very happy with the results so far and I’m no artist! I’ve already purchased my second one, as I can see this hobby continuing for years to come.

Colors were a little off

The picture I sent was of my brother in law who passed away unexpectedly in December and his mother dancing. I wanted to paint it and give it to her for Mother’s Day. Other than a few spots missing a number (not a huge deal) it was good. EXCEPT for their faces. Both faces called for really dark coloring and my brother in laws face turned out horrible. It’s unrecognizable. I’m sad and do not feel as though I can give it to my MIL anymore. I have no idea how to fix it.

The Lodge
Danielle Lenhart
Pretty Scene!

This one was fairly easy, not bad for a beginner.

Pirate Skull
Martin Sullivan
Brilliant project

First completed the Pirate Skull in January 2024 and within minutes of posting the result on my Facebook page a friend wanted to buy it….so, that done I re ordered the canvass and, exactly the same…could it be a third project…….a fabulous painting and I would recommend Pirate Skull to anyone yet to consider it…fabulous

Brilliant ! This is the second custome painting of a much loved pet.

This is an absolutely magical likeness of my friends beautiful dog. Would recommend anyone to do this to keep the memory of a loved pet alive. Can’t wait until it’s finished/

Quiet Time
Annette O'Connell
Quite Time

I enjoyed painting Quiet Time very much.

Bike and Beach
Bike and beach

Still working on it but beautiful

Just love the custom kits

I realise the custom kits are expensive in comparison but if you have a great photo, it's so good to be able to turn it into a great painting. Would love to know how they do it! I've done 4-5 custom paintings now and wouldn't do anything else now. The real problem is finding a photo which will work.

Colourful Beach Huts
Trish Billany
My 31st painting by MBN

During Covid lockdown I was looking for something to keep me occupied and decided to follow my childhood dream and try to become an artist (of sorts). I tried a couple of companies doing painting by numbers and they were rubbish and then I came across MBN. Wow! I wasn’t disappointed. Now 31 paintings later they have taken over all the walls in my house and now I’m doing paintings for friends and family. I have just completed Colourful beach huts and given it to my sister who has just moved to a seaside resort in Yorkshire.
The quality of every canvas, paints and details is superb. Delivery is very quick and the paintings are well packed and it’s brilliant that they are rolled rather than folded. My only problem now is that I love painting wild animals and I’m fast running out of them. Please James can you send someone on safari to get some more animal pics.

Covered Bridge
Jill LaDuca
Beautiful, Bright and Cheery

Love the covered bridge with a small church surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. I framed this painting and it hangs in our master bedroom.

The Joys Of Spring
Jill LaDuca
One of my favorites

Love this bright and colorful painting. I framed it and it sits on the side of our large master bathroom tub. I can look at it every day.

Incoming Mallards
Bob Krasny age 88
Incoming Mallards

This painting was fun in spite of the fact that several colors were not coordinated with the accompanying photo. I took some liberties and even made the water bluer. The birds were happy when they saw the finished product. Me too. I guess that 4.5 stars is a better vote.

I have now completed approximately 20 MPN paintings and truly enjoy the quality of the service will always use their products.

Walk To The Sea
Julie Roberts
Pretty design

It is a pretty design; however, the light colors are difficult to paint. I ended up retouching all colors approximately 4 times to help coverup the numbers and the lines. If the numbers and lines were printed much lighter and the light colors were able to stick better it would be great.

Fly Fishing

I enjoyed painting this very much picture. It is a very detail picture that takes a while to paint but is worth the time.

High Seas

Not a beginners painting. Good paint & canvas. My son wants this painting.

Mimi Palmer
Six Little Penquins

Bottom ice takes a while, there are so many small spaces. Colors really pretty. I sealed it with clear gesso. That will help people frustrated with the small white holes that appear after drying. I enjoyed this painting watching the Penquins come to life! I always have a MBN in my easel!

The Gift
Mimi Palmer
The Gift

Easy painting, good paints! It turned out very well. Colors don't come out as really purple (as some reviewers say) you can tell they are shadows. Enjoyed painting!

Beautiful colors!

This painting is like all the others. High quality canvas and paints. You may want to invest in a brush that does small cells. It is amazing to watch your painting come to life.

The Nativity
Nina Jensen
Saving for the holidays

I already love it but I won’t start it for few more months!
It will be my third MBN.