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Freddie Ball

Louisa - First Time Painter

Jim - Custom Painting

Catherine O'Neill - X-Ray Art

R.A.Jones - Custom Painting

Roxy Ross - 96 Years Young

Frank Rogers, 91

At Masterpiece By Numbers, we work with talented artists such as Richard MacNeil, Sung Kim, Abraham Hunter, Anne Stokes, and many more, to create paint by number kits that you will be proud to display in your home.

We pay our artists a royalty for every Masterpiece by Numbers kit sold.

Beware of overseas online sellers using images stolen from our website to make cheap knock offs of our paintings. They steal our artwork, do not pay the original artists royalties, and use subpar materials to make counterfeit paint by number kits. They then sell the unsuspecting public cheap kits that look nothing like the original painting.

We only use licensed artwork and deliver the best paint by number kits in the industry.

Painting a Masterpiece By Numbers is extremely rewarding and relaxing. Our customers agree that our paint by number kits are the best in the industry.

We use artist’s grade linen canvases and high-quality paint. We also provide paint brushes and a paper reference sheet. Everything is included in your Masterpiece by Numbers kit so you can create  a true Masterpiece.

Most importantly of all, we care, so please contact us anytime.

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