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Custom Paint By Numbers Kit

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Please note: We are not taking orders for our custom paintings at this time.

In order to maintain our high standards and provide the very best custom pant by number kits possible, we will not be taking new orders for our custom paintings until we have completed every order from the Christmas period. We have been working around the clock here at MBN to keep up with demand.

We will begin taking orders for custom paintings soon. Please enter your email on this page to be notified when we are taking orders again. In the meantime, please choose one of our stock paintings to keep you busy.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Orders placed prior to Christmas 2019 are being delivered in the 5-8 week timeframe as promised at the time of your order.

Customer Reviews

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Custom photo

When I ordered, I did with high expectation. When I first saw the kit I was impressed with how my photo had been transferred into a paint by numbers. However, when I started I found the paints were not of a standard of acrylic paint I normally use for my artwork, also the brushes were not as good and I had to buy some more substantial ones. The paint was very thick and dried patchy, trying to water it down was tricky as the tiniest amount made it to thin, I found a damp brush was the best method. Apart from this I was impressed with kit, but I can only give it an 80% like because if the paint and brushes. I am going to give it another go soon as I did enjoy doing this. Would I use again with more if my photos? YES



My house

I wanted a painting of my my house, but it was quite expensive, came across this site and decided to have a go myself, thought it might be a bit ambitious as I’ve never done one before. To say I’m pleased is an understatement, I loved every minute of it. High quality product, arrived beautifully packaged with everything I needed. Can’t wait to do some more.

Me nanna and our 3 Grand daughters

This is my 3rd custom painting and it will be a gift to my daughter and son in law. The quality of all the paintings is first class. From the packaging to the contents is great. What is so special for me is how they turn a photo graph into a painting outline, provide the paints and get such a great likeness. My wife and I are thrilled. Hopefully the recipients and our girls will be equally thrilled as none of them know I've painted them. I look forward to doing more, perhaps a portrait of my wife and a selfie. Thanks MBN

Cyprus Friends

As usual the painting arrived in perfect condition thanks to the sturdy card tube. This was my 1st portrait and I was rather apprehensive about doing it. To say that I am delighted is an understatment. You have caught the features of my freinds perfectly. The suntans spot on and the check shirt, although very demanding, turned out great. It took me 4 weeks to complete - that was 4 weeks of delightful painting and thorough enjoyment. Thank you MBN