Victoria Shultz

Born to an artistic family in Oklahoma City. Victoria fell in love with animals and the outdoors at a very young age and naturally progressed to painting the wildlife around her.

Working primarily in pastels, she pushed the boundaries of her medium with exquisite detail and realism.

While she also has works in oils and graphite, she noted,“Detail is what I love and I most enjoy it when people look at my work and can’t believe that it is pastel.”

Victoria recognized the importance of observing her subjects in their natural surroundings and traveled extensively to gather references for her detailed paintings. “In my experience, the key to knowing your subject comes from intensive research of anatomy, behavior, and habitat. The actual painting time of a piece is only a fraction of my work; the rest is research.”  Some of her favorite places to visit included Yellowstone National Park, Alaska and Africa as well as exploring the wild areas surrounding her home in Ramona, California.

A signature member of the Pastel Society of America, Victoria was featured in numerous magazines and books and was celebrated all over the country at art shows and galleries.

Sadly, Victoria's life was unfairly cut short in 2016 and she passed away unexpectedly due to a brief illness. Victoria’s beautiful soul and magnificent paintings will be cherished forever.

We can all benefit from Victoria’s thought provoking life philosophies….  
-  Be Kind. Always.
-  Laugh. A lot
-  Wag more. Bark Less.
-  And finally, Love. Unconditionally.