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Framed or Unframed?
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Fawn by Abraham Hunter - "This little deer fawn is taking a rest in a quiet summer meadow. His mother has left him alone to nap, and he is peacefully awaiting her return. Despite all of the craziness in the world today, we have the promise of perfect peace inside. I hope each time you see this fawn that he reminds you to be still and soak up the peace that surpasses all understanding." - Abraham Hunter

Now you can paint this wonderful painting with our amazing paint by numbers kit from our Animal Kingdom Collection.

Each Masterpiece By Numbers kit is produced with care and attention to produce a painting as close to the original artwork as possible. 

The peace and serenity of painting is time well spent in our hectic world. The joy of painting this expertly detailed canvas will only be matched by the beautiful painting you will create.

Includes Everything You Need To Complete Your Painting:

  • High quality linen canvas - you can start painting straight from the box.
  • Set of paintbrushes - custom made for our paint by numbers kits.
  • Individual paint pots - for every colour in the painting so you don't need to mix any colours.

Canvas Size: 16 x 20 inches (approximately 40 x 50cm)

Click the "Add to Cart" button now. Limited quantities are available so order now if you see a picture that you like.

© Abraham Hunter. Courtesy Of MHS Licensing

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Andrea Brewing
Sweet little fawn

I fell in love with this little fawn the first time I saw it. I tried to resist buying it but as you can see, I was unsuccessful. It looked lovely painted as it was, but I felt the need to brush in a little more fur. I hope it represents what the artist painted. Thank you for this beautiful painting.

kathi karcher
Newborn Faw

This was my 25th one in 2years and just loved it! The details are great for it being relatively easy. All the animal ones are so lifelike! Cant wait to do custom ones of my grand furbabies!

Natalya Christensen
Newborn Fawn

Several years ago I found a little fawn quietly resting in my front yard. When I saw the picture by MBN I decided to buy and paint it right away! This was my third project by MBN and I loved it!

Lorraine Trempus
Lovely Little Fawn

I love this picture! With the sunny weather arriving, I spend a little less time painting, and it is taking me a little longer to complete this masterpiece, but I am more than halfway done. and the picture is spectacular; cudos to the artist, and cudos to MBN for choosing the picture to be part of your inventory! When I ordered the picture, I also received the set of 5 brushes that were being sent to repeat customers. I can't tell you how much I appreciate them, and what a pleasure it is to use them! My little fawn is definitely going to share space with the owls and leopard paintings I have completed. I am 80 years old, and the best thing that happened to me during the pandemic was to find Masterpiece by Number! I will be sure to send a picture of my completed MBN!

Valerie Noyes

Its my husband Terry Noyes that does the PBN's. I bought the first one at the beginning of Covid as he was a vunerable person and had to isolate. He really enjoys painting them!
We both liked Fawn very much a good quality canvas and paints.
It is in our butterfly bedroom and looks great.

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