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Masterpiece By Numbers

MBN - Extra Paint Sets

MBN - Extra Paint Sets

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If you would like to order extra paint for any of our kits, please order here.

NOTE: Our kits are unique. Our paint sets will only match MBN paintings. We cannot provide extra paint if you are not using it for a Masterpiece By Numbers.

IMPORTANT: Select the painting from the dropdown box that you need extra paint for.

REMEMBER: Paint is included with all of our kits. Extra paint sets are for customers who want to have spare paint.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
George Evans
Snow Wolf

Have been working on "Wolf on Snow" since November 2023 and now reckon to complete the picture within a week or so. The final result I feel is one of the best I have done.

With respect to the extra paints I bought from you. I must admit I was getting worried as some of the paints were starting to dry up. I haven't actually used them and doubt I will so will used as back-up on future painting.

Martyn Lincoln

Good and worth the purchase. Not run out of originals yet, but worth having the extra until you get used to loading the brushes.

Pat Heesom
Extra paint

Very good & worth purchasing

Janet Collins

Brilliant to have a spare set

Julie Harrison
Additional paint

I ordered additional paint for Bedroom in Arles and Oak King in May, both were out of stock. Unfortunately it was a good two months before I was notified that Bedroom in Arles was back in stock, which was despatched to me and delivered in good order. Unfortunately I was informed that the Oak King has been withdrawn so no paint available, this is very disappointing as I now have a painting that is around 75% complete that I am unable to finish. I have used MBN many times and always been very pleased with the service, ordinarily I would have scored 5 stars but having spent many hours painting Oak King and being unable to complete it is disappointing.

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