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Rural Delivery

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Rural Delivery by Terrence Fogarty - A beautiful scene from a simpler time. 

Now you can paint this wonderful painting with our amazing paint by numbers kit from our Landscapes Collection.

Each Masterpiece By Numbers kit is produced with care and attention to produce a painting as close to the original artwork as possible. 

The peace and serenity of painting is time well spent in our hectic world. The joy of painting this expertly detailed canvas will only be matched by the beautiful painting you will create.

Includes Everything You Need To Complete Your Painting:

  • High quality linen canvas - you can start painting straight from the box.
  • Set of paintbrushes - custom made for our paint by numbers kits.
  • Individual paint pots - for every color in the painting so you don't need to mix any colors.

    Canvas Size: 16"x 20"

Click the "Add to Cart" button now. Limited quantities are available so order now if you see a picture that you like.

© Terrence Fogerty. Courtesy of  MHS Licensing

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

This painting was very relaxing to paint. Masterpiece paint by numbers are simply the best on the market.

Memorable picture

Our four children all played baseball, so I was especially excited to paint this picture. While I bought the extra paint set, I never had to use any of it; there was plenty of paint to put 2 coats over all. I did tweak some of the colors and added detail to the boys to make them look more like the original. Overall, this was a very enjoyable painting on which to work.

Paul Noel
I'm Hooked

My previous attempt at a paint-by-number painting was 58 years ago and I never completed it. I was debating trying it again when my daughter bought me one for Father's Day. I found it so relaxing that I decided to try it again, so I bought "Rural Delivery" to paint for my young grandson. I spent over 100 extremely relaxing hours with a magnifying glass and a tiny paintbrush, and I would do it again in a heart beat. Once the painting was finished and framed, it was hard to give it up, but it was the perfect gift for a young baseball fan. My next order will be coming soon!

Sara Merchant

I got this one because it reminded me when my son played baseball when he was a kid. I really enjoyed painting this. It was a bit challenging because the numbers are very light or not spread out. For example if #4 spreads through others it doesn’t repeat # so it’s hard to follow. It the end you have a blank space and don’t know what color should go there.

jackie perry
Love paint by numbers

I love masterpiece by numbers. This one was hard for me because of the little details. The numbers are small and some are hard to see, the numbers aren’t dark enough. I guess that’s what I’m saying. However it turned out beautiful, i did change the sky colors and put my touch to it. I just need to get me a lighted magnifying headset. Lol. Getting old is for the birds.

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